wake up and fight


Woodie Guthrie's New Years Resolution List 1942
such a clever list; we should just adopt most of these resolutions for ourselves
I didn't make a resolution list, but I recently read a few collections of wise words
that I will take with me into the New Year
"What do you serve? Your compulsive actions or your deeper meditations?
Your addictions or your desires? Your need for escape or your need for accomplishment?"
"When in doubt, dance it out"


bonne année!

it's time to reflect...it's time to get mushy and sentimental and probably shed a tear as i remember what happened this past year.

this past year was, hands down, the greatest challenge i've ever had! i've been through some shit in other eras that it seems strange to compare, but, damn! sometimes emotions are so consuming, that you can't believe you are literally still alive and breathing after having felt them.

twenty-eight, the hardest year, can also be labelled as the BEST year! i don't know if that's the truth, either one of those labels, but based on the way i'm feeling right now (for the past four months) ... i just can't get over how blessed i am! i'm too happy, i'm gonna bust, i'm freakin' me out. 

this post is really just for me, maybe to read next year on the day of my birth, but i want to remember some things i survived, some things i discovered, and the gifts that were sent to me.

twenty-eight things that happened in the twenty-eighth year 

 1. cried myself to sleep on my twenty-eighth birthday
 2. was in belle river for new years and went on a journey late at night in the snow
 3. did a crazy-ass ten day cleanse
 4. went to florida on a family vacation
 5. travelled to toronto almost every other weekend from feb - june 
 6. saw a naturopath, acupuncturist, and rmt regularly and learned a lot about health
 7. worked a 8-5 desk job for six months and saved a bunch of money
 8. paid off one of my student loans  
 9. went to the foundry series and had my mind blown by shed
10. recorded my first mix
11. went to movement alone and danced for three days straight
12. ended a romantic relationship with the one i loved most
13. biked my way around essex county
14. learned some detroit street smarts the hard way
15. started writing a new business plan
16. got a weiner dog (!!!)
17. got another tattoo 
18. went on a dream road trip with my mom
19. lost my mind in san francisco
20. biked the golden gate and all around portland
21. met an uncanny number of wonderful colombians
22. learned how to leave behind 90% of things i find in the thrift store
23. visited the farm my mom grew up on
24. learned that i prefer going dancing by myself 
25. fell in love with detroit
26. visited my grandmas house for the first time since she passed on
27. tried winter running and realized i love it/ran farther than i've ever run before   
28. became obsessed with techno


while i am waiting

right now i live in the boonies, and i travel to detroit often because it's where my heart resides.  i've spent enough time waiting in line at the border to contemplate making a list of things i enjoy doing while i wait to cross over to the other side.

- paint my nails
- knit
- fix up a weird hair doo
- apply make-up
- clean my car
- eat emergency nuts
- eat the fruit i meant to eat on the way to the border but forgot about 
- make a cute list



continuum: part one

a short film by Sofia Mattioli + Rebecca Salvadori 

Jamie XX - sunrise
Four Tet - dew
Koreless - horizon
John Talabot - aim

all tracks are each two minutes long exactly and were produced for this film
download them here

As long as you have a good idea, and you have belief, it can be very simple.
- Sofia Mattioli on Contunuum: Part 1 


80's gold


Midas Touch 1986

No Parking (On the Dance Floor) 1983


no bad days

living in the boonies, coping with dance; sounds familiar

a short film from Kristoffer Borgli 


no way!

have you ever seen a musical performance
that you can genuinely say has changed your life?
i can honestly say, that SHED changed my life
it sounds dramatic, and it totally was


paper moon

i found 'Paper Moon' at a yard sale, and it was this font that first caught my attention
for 25 cents it was worth a try, and turns out to be an amazing film 

Tatum O'Neal stars along side her father, Ryan O'Neal
in this 1973 film, set in the mid-west during the Great Depression

Tatum as 'Addie' is funny, so cute, and an amazing actress
In 1974 she won an Oscar for best supporting actress in this film which you can watch here

best movie i've seen in a long time



i felt a change last week, maybe the planets shifted, & that feeling of september hit me
i started working on the unfinished projects that lived in my closet for a long time
and suddenly i've thought of all kinds of things to blog about

it feels like i will be changing colours soon

paper leaves by owen gildersleeve



lustro ware image search makes me feel all mushy inside
plastic housewares in perfect colours, excellent fonts, wonderous shapes

made between the 1940's & 1960's in Columbus Ohio

 one . two . three . four . five . six . seven  . eight . nine



brownie has arrived to the city!! 

it saw it's first sale this past weekend at the May Junction Flea

it is truely a dream come true


it was very very windy to start 
it wasnt long before the awning needed to be removed

it hailed, it shone, it rained, it blew
over and over again

i got to hide inside & watch from the window

i look forward to the June Junction Flea
i imagine sunshine + a perfect breeze


common cold

today i woke up sick...but with a will to combat 
i stayed in bed as long as possible scheming a wake-up-get-well-soon plan

step one: put on your Dusted 'Total Dust' record 

step two: have a hot epsom salt bath and gargle hot salt water 
as long as possible while in the bath

step three: put on your coziest jammies, and your hand-knit socks

step four: make a berry-kale-flaxseed smoothie for breakfast

step five: steep fresh ginger in boiling pot and add 
lemon and unpasteurized honey

step six: get in bed and spend some quality time with your cat 
and your ginger tea and your book

step seven: go back to sleep as long as possible

zero .. one .. two .. three .. four .. five .. six .. seven


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