common cold

today i woke up sick...but with a will to combat 
i stayed in bed as long as possible scheming a wake-up-get-well-soon plan

step one: put on your Dusted 'Total Dust' record 

step two: have a hot epsom salt bath and gargle hot salt water 
as long as possible while in the bath

step three: put on your coziest jammies, and your hand-knit socks

step four: make a berry-kale-flaxseed smoothie for breakfast

step five: steep fresh ginger in boiling pot and add 
lemon and unpasteurized honey

step six: get in bed and spend some quality time with your cat 
and your ginger tea and your book

step seven: go back to sleep as long as possible

zero .. one .. two .. three .. four .. five .. six .. seven

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