je suis reconnaissant

i am in montréal for the weekend, and i was doing some research

i came across the blog lake jane who is based in this beautiful city and gave me some good ideas about where to stop and visit tomorrow

i really admired her posts which she calls 'attitude of gratitude' where she makes a list of things she is grateful (reconnaissant) for

since i am on the road i thought i would do the same as it is quick and its easy

i am grateful i had a safe trip here

i am really very grateful to be in this city; 
it is one of the loves of my life, and i'm very lucky

i am grateful to see so many people i really really love in the next few days
(ones i haven't seen for a long time)

i am grateful it is suppose to snow tomorrow

i am grateful starbucks has eggnog -- tis the season
and that i will get some soon

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