i'm going to get a haircut tomorrow...a professional one.
i have been cutting my hair for the past 4 years; saving money and having fun
(cutting your own hair is something i highly recommend). 
now that my bowl cut is growing out and my bangs can finally be tucked behind my ear, i have refrained from cutting my hair for one whole month in anticipation for this hair cut. 

here's what they have to work with:

 i can't decide if i should get bangs back or not...
i thought i might just let this special lady (Bri from Aqua in Guelph) do whatever she wants, but then i was encouraged by a friend to have some pictures and an idea. here's what i came up with:

 wide messy bob (something i would have to grow my hair into)

 this may not be the style i want or what would look good on me
but i still really appreciate it

 debbie harry (blondie)
and her brilliant effortless hair

1 comment:

  1. i like the wavy longer bob with no bangs.
    i used to go to aqua! Tia i think was her name.?



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