after two years plus, thinking about and talking about starting an etsy site,
its finally happened!
i've been collecting things
(including things that dont even fit me)
and ive been procrastinating. 
i must admit, i still half hate the part of it that has caused me to procrastinate (writing out all the specific details about each item)
BUT less then a week after i got the site going, i sold something! 
these shoes were my first sale, and they went to los angeles

this sale was SUCH an encouragement for me. it proved all the crappiness of the job pays off, and feels super satisfying. 
since then i have sold one other item, and im on a roll!
i name my etsy after my blog, because, if you've ever tried, you would know its really hard to find a name that isn't taken on etsy. for now its mostly shoes, but i've got a huge collection of amazing dresses
i'd like to work on getting up there too!
if you'd like to browse, here's my etsy site


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