when you're a lifeless sad blob, sick in bed, its amazing time to experience love from your friends and family. probably because its a time that you need it most.  today i had a 'medical procedure' i had to prepare a few days for. i moped around, completely self absorbed, and fussy. but looking back on it now there were so many gestures of love and concern from people that love me, which really changed the experience for me and made me feel truly blessed. my mom drove all the way from leamington just to drive me to the clinic, and bring me eggplants and eggs, and drive me home and take me to a thrift store after (lucky, i found a george mug and a bob mug). last night, karl came home early to watch a movie with me, and then i fussed about how i hated all the movies and i didnt want to watch one. he didnt seem to mind, and spent time holding me, and bringing me sick person supplies when i needed them.  i had so many goodluck message from friends who were holding me in their hearts, and at one point in the day i actually thanked my friend lĂ©anne outloud because i could feel her prayers reach me. i think the thing that really made me reflect on all the this, is when i grabbed my phone just after waking from the procedure and there was a loving message from my friend meg, expressing love, with the perfect words, as she always seems to have for me...and it was the most comforting thing, to realize how much support i have been blessed with. for those of you who read my blog, please regard this message as a giant thank-you for loving me like you do.

also, here are a couple great articles from THOUGHT CATALOUGE: 
what to do on your sick day by stephanie georgopulous

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