the travelling store

since we're on the topic, i thought i would share some of my inspiration which lead me to starting a traveling store of my own...

when i stumbled upon this double decker dress store LODEKKA, (Portland, Oregon)...i related, with my enormous, growing collection of vintage dresses, which sit in my closet...just existing and being awesome. i own several that don't even fit me...i just can't resist when i find something that someone just needs to wear! after several years of being out of school, and pondering what to do with my time that will be financially productive and (but more importantly) will be fulfilling. owning a store seems to make the most sense.

A store would be a place to spend tons of time creating things, painting things different colours, having craft nights (on a back patio that has trees and a hammock), not to mention selling all things that i find cool...

BUT the thought of owning a store at this point in my life, feels to much like settling down. Having a store means commitment to a place for a few years, and it's also a full-time job; being two things I don't want right now. Having a store means paying rent, and I'm just about to move to Toronto; the last place I would want to pay rent to have a store.(It's an expensive place to live).

This thought process has lead me to the idea of a traveling vintage clothing store. One I can take to music festivals, and county fairs, and the aberfoyle antique market (i'm leaving Guelph, but it's still very close to Toronto).  I can take it to these places when I have the time, and the inventory. 

Once my vision was clear to me, I went back to read about LODEKKA and the detailed story she has about the process of renovating her bus. When I read this story I found out that Erin Sutherland has named her bus Ginny! (that's MY name!) I took this as a sign that I was aiming in the right direction; the perfect direction! 

I then went on a hunt to find who else had a store like LODEKKA. And what I found was tons of inspiration and beauty in the idea of the mobile store. (see some great pics of LODEKKA)

Just recently LODEKKA moved locations 
and neighbors a trailer shop: Wanterlust

Oh So Lovely Vintage
is a pair of sweet gals from Winnipeg who are 
currently on their way to setting up their own brick & mortar shop

Haberdash Vintagethe founder of ilovetrailers.com

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