thirteen days

i am home visiting my parents in essex county, 
renovating my trailer, before the big move.
as i sit here cozy by the fire, i've realized that tomorrow is the last time i will be leaving home (my parents), to arrive back in my home (guelph)

in the past weeks i speculated a large emotional response out of myself, about this major move...although toronto isn't far, guelph is the place i have lived the past 
8 years, and i am completely in love with it. 
to my surprise, i have only cried once so far...

instead of wallowing, i have found myself seeking out, and doing, activities i have always wanted to do. i also have given myself the task of drawing the beautiful view from my front apartment windows on québec street 
(i originally asked my old friend/favorite illustrator to do it, but i think it's a good activity for me! although i hate to draw...) 

i love guelph, i love it's beauty, i love it's reputation, i love the fondness that people who have lived here have for it, i love the hills, i love the people i see downtown that i have secret names for: the eagle man, the angry corgi dog, the man who yells, and the queen! 
(i will draw all these people in my drawing of the street)  
i love the simplicity, i love seeing people i know everywhere i go 
(and sometimes hate that just as much as i like it)

oohhhhhhhh i LOVE my apartment, how could i ever leave it?

i love the people i have met here.
like real love
they are some of the most beautiful people i have ever met
and the best part about moving is that so many of them live in toronto, 
and i'll get to run into their beautiful faces on the street once again

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