favorite lunch

quinoa salad with lots of fresh raw vegetables 
is a lunch i've been making for myself a lot lately
here's what i usually throw in:

red onion
shredded carrot
yellow bell pepper
chopped spinach
feta cheese 
(if not using feta i'd throw some salt in)
olive oil
lemon juice
black pepper

i'll usually prepare 1/4 cup quinoa per-person 

if you've never prepared quinoa before, it's super easy, 
but requires a bit of prep time.

you must rinse and soak the quinoa because it grows a natural pesticide on itself. some people have an intolerance to this pesticide, like my friend heather, who can't eat quinoa without getting sick unless it has been soaked for 24-hours.


with a fine strainer rinse the quinoa for a few minutes under the tap

then soak for at least an hour

rinse the quinoa again post-soak

strain, throw in pot

add water
(1.25 times the amount of quinoa you're making)

 bring it a boil - then - reduce to low
cover with lid and cook for 15 minutes

fluff with fork and let quinoa come to room temperature before adding to salad


bon appétit!

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