favorite things party

i read about a theme party called a 'favorite things party' on liz nord's blog:
everyone brings an appetizer or dessert and their favorite thing
it could be lip gloss, baked goods, wine,
a gift card for your favorite coffee shop...
the favorite item can't cost more than $6
and each person brings five of the same thing

you write your name on five slips of paper, and throw them into a bowl...
each person at the party takes five names from the bowl 
and hands out their favorite item to those people
each person leaves with five new cool things to take home
 it could be a life changing experience!

here's what i would likely bring:
(inspired by a trip to lush this weekend)

amazing zit-blasting tea tree ointment
works incredibly and lasts long-time!
(a little goes a long way)

solid shampoo bar
PERFECT to travel with & can be used as a soap too!

sunny-side bubbly bar
good for about four bubble baths (break a chunk off)
full of glitter.but not too glittery.i love anything gold and glittery.

side note: these things are all over $6, so it's kind of cheating
for this party idea, BUT i do get a mad discount at lush because one of my 
besties works there...and consequently i am now addicted to lush products, 
and i buy them exclusively

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