in the past few years i have become so attracted to the idea and aesthetic of minimalism...while at the same time, i am instinctively a clutterist, or a collector, and i'm just so stimulated visually that i can't get enough stuff, and my appreciation for things is immense and  my collection of everything seems to keep growing.

i was able to get rid of a lot of things in this past year, i should give myself credit for that. when i got two roommates almost at the same time, and when i recently moved to toronto i got RID of a lot.

i know there is more i can do. i can get rid of clothes, some of my less-sentimental knick-knacks, some things that live in the closet that i don't see or use ever. but it's harder to do than it sounds.

i searched for some tips online to find ideas 
of how to question yourself about what you are keeping
and some rules to help you determine what to chuck

is it actually junk?
(pfff...of course not!)

do i need this? if i don't need it, do i have valid reasons
for wanting it? or am i only keeping this for sentimental reasons?

are there negative emotions/memories attached to this item?

is it a quality item?

don't buy anything you don't actually need
(i'm getting better at this!)

sell or donate any clothing that has not been worn in the last 6 months
(you could consign it...it makes it easier to get rid of 
telling yourself you might get a little money for it)

list an item on craigslist everyday
(what a challenge!)

while i continue to take baby steps towards lightening my collection of stuff i dream of something like:

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