encampment 2012

i am participating as a creative collaborator in this installation

 by Thom Sokoloski & Jenny-Anne McCowan
Fort York, Toronto, june 8 - 24

open 7:30pm - 11pm each evening

commissioned the Luminato Festival

"Conceived as a “temporal village” 
marking the bicentennial of the war of 1812, 
The Encampment comprises 200 A-frame tents pitched on the grounds of FortYork, 
which fell to U.S. forces during the war. 

Each tent contains an installation by one of 
100 artistic collaborators who have created a visual representation
 of an aspect of the war’s civilian history, 
gleaned from research into real-life stories 
of family, love, loss, survival, patriotism, collaboration and betrayal."

My civilians include:

Mary Jones Gage
Owner of the Battlefield House, Stoney Creek Ontario
(tent #133)


Paul Jennings 
(15 year-old slave to James Madison, president of the United States 1813) 
(tent # 131)

come see!!

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