dreams do come true

image via city scout

i've been fantacising about brooklyn for quite some time recently
and i've decided to take a spontaneous trip to NYC for three nights
conveniently my best friend is on tour and in manhattan for four days
we will spend a day together, and we will go to brooklyn

i did a bunch of research on what to do and these were my sources:

an amazing lifestyle blog: a cup of jo

(if you've never read it, you must live in a cave)

she wrote her own personal guide to nyc


rad guides to chicago, brooklyn, los angeles, & minneapolis

my gal pal alex
(this picture is too perfect)

she has lived in nyc for some time, 
shes on hiatus in montreal for the summer
(she's so cool)
she'll be return to nyc in october

she was right on the ball, n'sync with the city guides
and gave me a couple of good original tips

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