christmas spirit

its amazing how the christmas spirit creeps in 
developing christmas-y urges of all sorts

i've been itching to bake something all week

im also in the sort of mood to eat all things baked-- but am sick right now  
eating any flour or sugar will really knock me out just in time for the holidays

 resisting my urges, i reflected a lot on the act of holiday baking...

when karl made the tiniest of gingerbread men this week
i finally realized, that my instincts are less about baking
& more about the annual use of cookie cutters

one of my oldest baking memories 
is getting out my moms collection of cookie cutters at christmas time
& making the sugar cookie recipe that i have perfected over the years


im excited to visit my parents place 
to dig out that cookie cutter collection
that i haven't seen in years
& also to expand my cookie cutter collection
which consists of a star, a hand, a stegosaurus, 
 & a set of the alphabet

ps. here is a cookie cutter DIY for the brave!

three .. four .. five .. six .. seven

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