two years


it was our birthday on monday, but it was also a tragic day

we both took the day off of work and went to the park
we ate hot dogs and cheesy snacks, we saw a swan, 
and walked under the romantic trees

but on our way home i got a bit too confident on my bike 
and took a major spill in a major way
(proud to say i was wearing a helmet)

poor karl witnessed it all right in front of him, 
and took care of me like a mama bird
he even played eye-spy with me in the emergency waiting room
and somehow managed me make be feel beautiful in a time when 
i was feeling and looking genuinely hideous (i smashed my face)

it's interesting how sometimes terrible things like this can 
act as an important reminder of how much someone really loves you
i can't imagine how it would feel to have to see
something as awful as this happen to him

karl is an exotic bird
i am the luckiest he is my best friend


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