i hate goodbyes...who doesn't?
im the friend who would rather 'ghost-out' at a party than say goodbye
and i work myself up in anticipation of big sad goodbyes that can't be avoided

september had me dwelling on big sad goodbyes

i said goodbye to a life-long best friend, who is from melbourne
she was based out of montréal for some time this year
and i was lucky to see her three times during

i truly don't know when and where we will meet again
but in my heart i know that we will

she is really something special

i said hello to my loves in port stanley this past week
who i see about once a season

each visit always feels too short...but acts as a turbo boost of love
 each goodbye we have has me dreaming of moving in next door to them

i said goodbye to my bestfriend/life-love/roommate
...until december he's touring the continent

this change is especially hard...
but instead of dwelling on the big sad goodbye 
i anticipate the big happy hello...its one of the best feelings in the world

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