julia hepburn

today after visiting the rent-able akin collective studios at 87 wade ave in toronto
 i oogled the AKIN collective website and discovered:

the fantastical paintings/dioramas of Julia Hepburn

"In my work, I attempt to reclaim the innocence and curiosity of childhood.
Each compartmentalized piece displays a single scene with virtually no context. 
Viewers are encouraged to use their imaginations in order to develop a narrative explaining the scene.

The use of small, doll-sized scenes, not only draws people in physically, but also makes the darker imagery less threatening, permitting the viewer to assign a wide range of moods to the work depending on their personal interpretation."

 this installation was produced for 

 Hepburn studied fine-arts at mcmaster university in hamilton
she works full-time in toronto as a visual artist

although i have never seen any of this work in real time
i was truly enamored with all pieces i viewed on her website

it was really tough to narrow down what to include...make sure you check it out

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