LUSH pots

over the past few years, i have been completely converted to LUSH products
by my darling saffron, who is a LUSH enthusiast & sales person

saffron has also, even more successfully, converted our darling erin 
into a LUSH enthusiast & sales person (for a time)

while most LUSH customers know
you can return 5 of these pots to any LUSH store to receive a free fresh face mask...

when visiting erin last, i noticed her grand collection of LUSH pots
which she has reused for various purposes...

she even has a sweet label maker...along with her mad collection of LUSH pots
(what you see here, is just the tip of the iceberg) 


i used my pots to organize the floaters in my tool box
it filled me with joy to find how easily the stickers come off!

other ideas for LUSH pot uses:
travel, q-tips, bobby-pins, snacks, spare change, salad dressing, vase

they lock nice and tight, and come in three different sizes

spice container pics by erin braam

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