bath time

with the arrival of fall weather, i've been having daily bath time

today i thought about throwing some tea bags in to mix it up

after some research ive learned theres lots of households
you can throw in there to spruce it up and get extra soothed

8 green tea bags
draws toxins from pores, neutralizes a sunburn,
acts as astringent on oily skin + super soothing

1 cup apple cider vinegar
good for itcy skin + sore muscles + over-exposure to the sun

1/2 box jello
depending on the flavour, the scent can help to elevate your mood 
(cherry + watermelon) + is a miracle for dry skin

2 cups oatmeal in a nylon
cures the worst skin irritation 
+ acts as super moisturizer

nut oil (peanut, sesame, almond)
soak for 10 minutes, then add one tablespoon
softens skin + makes you taste & smell great

1 tablespoon ginger
 raises the temperature of your skin 
+ helps you to sweat out a cold

juice of 6 lemons
cools the skin + makes you feel all tingly

1/2 cup baking soda
eases muscle tension + good for itchy skin

cinnamon sticks
 eliminates toxins (after an illness) 
+ elevates your mood

don't mix them all together...

photo source
content via wikinut


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