all i want for christmas

is a gift certificate to Good Egg!

good egg is a beautiful shop in kensington market
267 Augusta, Toronto

it is a lifestyle shop, it is a kitchen boutique, 
it is a book store--a bookstore for people who dont think they like books!
plus so much more


i stopped in one day, as i always do when im in the market
& got hyper for nick-knacks--the effect that this shop has on me

instead of splurging, i started a visual list

  good egg is easily my favorite store in the GTA
and that's saying a lot!

this list is just the tip of the iceburg...

i thought of going to visit good egg again to expand it
but its already pretty big & beautiful

saying that, good egg is a one-stop-shop gift-shop for all ages
super cute kids stuff, amazing selection of gift cards, products in spectrums of colour

if you've stuck on what to get someone for christmas
go to good egg for inspiration or get them a gift certificate here!

one: citrus juicer (i own this product and use it EVERY day) 

two: Pantone postcard set (i got this for my birthday last night!!!)

three: pretty Poketo planner

four: David Shrigley Essentials (my favorite books)

five: Moleskine graphpaper (a must!)

six: ORK city neighbourhood maps (comes in all your favorite colours & cities)

seven: knit a bestfriend books! 

eight: the Flavor Thesaurus by Niki Segnit (ok, the thesaurus is actually my favorite book)

nine: Vegan Lunch Box by Jennifer McCann (some inspiration when you need it)

ten: Lunch Poems by Frank O'Hara

eleven: How To Design A Typeface by The Deign Museum 
                (for a rainy day when you're ready to start)

twelve: Best In Show card game by Polly Horner (super cute! learn the dog breeds)

thirteen: Baggu tri-pack bags (multi-colour & design options. LOVE!)

fourteen: THIS IS... books by Miroslav Sasek (warms your heart with beautiful illustrations, and memories of trips past. comes in many a city)

fifteen: Crafting With Cat Hair by Kaori Tsutaya & Amy Hirschman (HOW hilarious)


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